Visit us at the LA ExPO for Custom Pavers

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Please visit us and check it out our custom pavers!
We manufacture unique pavers with custom exposed aggregates, imprints and colors for large commercial jobs. Bring your ideas* and, together, we’ll design a signature paver that will make your project stand out!
Qualify for LEED points choosing one of many light colored pavers we offer. Light color pavers are an average of 43 degrees cooler than standard surfaces—which makes them easier on both bare feet and the environment.

light color pavers

Low SRI eco-friendly pavers

Artistic Pavers are rigorously manufactured, they fit together smoothly and have three times the density of concrete slabs—making them impervious to algae growth, freeze-thaw cracking, or deterioration from saltwater chlorination systems. That means less maintenance.
But the thing that really makes Artistic Pavers the winning choice from your backyard to the Ritz Carlton is their incomparable beauty.

LA ExPO Booth # 318
(*) Subject to Minimum quantities. Please contact us for more info.


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