PlankLock® Linear Pavers System

Artistic Paver Mfg.® designs and manufactures custom pavers in a variety of materials and colors. Custom match your color choices with any of our standard pavers or add specialty materials such as colored glass and conch shells to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your project.

Typically, a minimum of 10,000 square feet is required for custom orders. Each piece is made to precision with the highest quality of technological machinery available. You can expect a slight variation in shade color and shell which simply adds to the natural appearance of each piece.

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(*) PlankLock is a custom product. Please consult for available colors and minimum quantity required to order this product.

Planklock® is an innovative paver system composed by two 8×12″ pavers. Designed to have the look of long and narrow planks, each paver has lines precisely imprinted in different directions.

24"x24"s Pavers installed on pedestals


The Easiest Way to Have a Linear Contemporary Look

Interlocking both pavers, Planklock® easily installs in a traditional herringbone pattern with the visual concept of a boardwalk but with the incredible durability of pavers.

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Planklock® has the versatility to be installed in many different combinations.

Planklock One Direction Installation Planklock One Direction Installation

Using just one of the pavers in the system, Planklock® forms straight lineal lines and a clean look deck that blends perfectly with contemporary architecture.

Eco Friendly Permeable Pavers,

Pavers are Environmentally Friendly

Permeable Paver Installation: Add a charming variation to the lanscape by using gravel, rocks or grass between the pavers and create an eco-friendly permeable hardscape.

Light colors are cool to walk on

Cool Deck to walk on

Highly decorative, Artistic Pavers offers light colors in different styles, including PlankLock®. Light colors have higher SRI (solar reflectivity indexes) contributing to reduce the urban heat island effect.

Technical Information

Easy paver installation.

Nominal Size: 8″x12″ (Actual Size: 200mmx300mm)
Thickness: 1-5/8″ (Pedestrian Applications)
Thickness: 2-3/8″ “(Vehicular Applications)
Compression Strength Results: AVG >9,000 PSI Average
Test Method: ASTM C-67

A high-end look that is actually functional

Pavers with a beveled edge prevents tripping and pavers install beautifully.

Our Pavers are made with a special beveled edge around the perimeter of the product. This allows for each paver to match up together with a slightly lowered edge. Not only does this feature give the product a finished look, but it also helps in preventing any of the pieces from chipping out during installation.

A high density paver

High density paver easy to clean and is a pool paver for saltwater chlorination systems.

Planklock® has a polished surface that is very smooth to walk on. Artistic Paver is less porous than a standard paver. This allows for a more detailed surface without the hassles of a wet-cast product. By having an Artistic Paver, it also lessens the sand paper effect that you can get with dry (block-type) pavers. Artistic Paver offers a great variety of styles, from nature-like finishes to smooth polished surfaces.
Benefit from specifying a gorgeous paver that will have virtually no maintenance issues for sustainability. No other pavers will be able to come close to the look and quality of Artistic Pavers.


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1-5/8" thickness for pedestrian applications, 2-3/8" thickness for vehicular applications


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