Why Pavers are Right for You!

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Pavers are striking and sophisticated yet practical. Dating back to thousands of years ago, cobblestone pavers were the ones to line the first established streets of the Roman Empire. Remarkably, those same streets are still in use today, illustrating the paver’s durability along with its historical beauty.

Pavers can be made from an assortment of materials including: natural stone, brick and concrete. As well as different materials, pavers also come in many shapes, styles and colors. From walkways and edging to driveways, patios and pool decks, there are many outside areas that can benefit from the touch of pavers.

Top Reasons Why Paver’s are Right for You! 

1. Strength – Artistic Pavers are stronger than poured concrete. They are tested to withstand an excess of 9,000 PSI (pound per square inch)! Also, they are weather resistant and do not crack like asphalt and concrete, making them the ideal product for your surfaces.

2.  Creative Design – Artistic Pavers come in numerous sizes, patterns and colors for amplified curb appeal. Artistic Pavers offers many design options to complement any architectural style and match any outdoor décor. There is always something to suit everyone’s taste!

3.  Ease of Repair and Maintenance – Pavers are easily removed and replaced. If a repair does need to be made, individual pavers can be removed and re-installed.

4. Safety – Concrete pavers, are slip resistant in wet conditions, making them the idyllic choice for pool areas where safety is an issue.

5. Lifetime of Value – Pavers offer an economical, long-term advantage, when considering maintenance and replacement costs of concrete and asphalt.

6. Environmentally Friendly – Interlocking pavers allow rainwater to drain through the joints, allowing natural biological processes to filter impurities from the water before reaching our waterways.

7.  Durability – Pavers are a flexible surface system that permits movement. The pavement system moves simultaneously with the earth’s tendency to distend and contract, which avoids the damage you may see with concrete slabs.

8.  Striking and sophisticated curb appeal – Artistic Pavers creates a unique and picturesque look and feel for driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways and other outdoor endeavors!

Have any questions or need landscaping assistance?  Please contact Artistic Paver Mfg at http://www.artisticpavers.com/

Pool deck Pavers
Pool deck Pavers


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